Monday, January 26, 2015

Forever dreaming of you.

It is most probably the contemplation of our soon to be departure to Disney that gives me the  nostalgia of my Laughing place. I have had many over the years and have thought in depth about them in recent days. So I have procured a list, including but not limited to:

time with my blonde haired babies,
holidays with family,
hearing the train whistle blow on my great grandpas farm,
apple picking in the fall,
time spent with grandparents,
the charge in the air at a baseball field,
the smell of spring, and fresh cut grass,
canning in the fall,
the ocean on my feet,
the clouds in the sky,
the sun on my face,

Laughing place. A place where you go when the world fails you, you fail yourself, or you want to be taken away.

You can't run away from trouble, there ain't no place that far.-Uncle Remus

Everybody's got a laughing place. A laughing place to go. Take a smile and for a while You'll find yours we know - Song of the South

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